The Fear of Failure

There is a fear of failure, so it seems,
This causes us not to live out our dreams.
Dreams, you just can’t let them sit there,
Or they’ll be like the clouds up in mid-air.

Floating adrift, as the winds blow,
Within your mind going to and fro’.
Beseech the Author of all mankind,
He’ll bring peace unto your mind.
Explore the ideas of your heart,
Then ask God where you should start.

You will never grow bigger than your own thoughts,
If on your failures you become caught.
Fear sometimes plays tricks on you,
It will make you forget what you really can do.

“I can, I can!” a young lad did exclaim.
He said it so loud that fear forgot his name.
Believe in yourself and what you can do,
Then fear won’t tap dance all over you.

In the will of God, man is capable of achieving the


As we travel life’s courses friends float into view,
Sometimes many, sometimes few.
No major requirement between us two,
Just like me, and I’ll like you.

Kids aren’t real picky about their friends,
They’re innocent and open, with no tied ends.
This seems acceptable at least for a short season,
Until they get “burned,” without any reason.

Fellowship is good for ones soul,
And as we age it turns into gold.
Time has a way of seasoning us,
To grow in peace with much less fuss.

Seems like just yesterday, we grew up together,
Time drifted by, just like a feather.
The seasoning we’ve gained now etched in our faces,
Then came “good bye,” we were off to the races.

So, life goes on…and on…and on,
So, life goes on.

I took a look at my children today;
My! I’ve come a long, long way.
The things I thought that I was, I’m not,
The things I thought that I wanted, I’ve got.

Share in this observation of friendship with me,
The value is priceless, so let’s make a key.
The key must lock our friendship in place,
So that our love for each other won’t get lost in the race.

The Wall

Up against the wall and I can’t stop now,
Aliens observe and wonder how?
So committed, so determined is this soul,
How in the world can he be so bold?

Swiftly and diligently he travels life’s way,
Aware that he’s a foreigner, not here to stay.
If the wall has got you down, just look up!
Let Jesus into your heart and with Him you’ll sup’.

Fix you mind on the positive,
Let God be your guide,
Never let Satan change your stride.

The race is not given to the swift or to the strong,
And with God as your Coach, you can never go wrong.
If the wall has got you down, just look up!
Because God is the one who will fill your cup.

The Man That I Am

As a maturing man I am often challenged by my past.
A past that I did not live, but I can not escape.
The distress of bondage creeps up on me as I look into the
faces of other men that look like me.
Men who appear to be encumbered by the mental shackles
that keep us bound.

That bondage is an unrelenting mind set,
Whose principal agents are fear, ignorance, and laziness.
Fear, because it causes us not to live out our righteous dreams.
Ignorance, because we tend to cling to the vanity of our minds.
Laziness, because we are not developing the endurance to try a new.

Who is at fault?
Who else really cares?
Is there anyone who sees this like me?
Can I really make a difference?
Is it really worth it?

The mental gymnastics that I participate in wears me out!
Trying to maintain the proper perspective, faced with tremendous odds.
Who am I to make a difference in a world that sometimes seems to hate me?
Am I dreaming the impossible dream?

I have a will to try that comes from above.
The transforming grace from God strengthens my go.
The knowledge of His mystery gives me boldness.
My understanding of His power affords my courage.

Without a positive image of myself it’s tough to rise above it all.
Let me see myself as a victorious champion who must endure hardness.
Who must overcome!
Then maybe I have a fighting chance.
Maybe then, I can be the man that I am.

My Friend Jesus

When I find myself in a query of thought about why I sometimes feel the way that I do; not necessarily good and not necessarily bad. Especially after a loved one may have been insensitive to me and over looked my external emotions without a care. It is then that I am reminded to run to my friend Jesus for comfort, encouragement, and understanding. He is my helper when no one else has time to listen to my thoughts, so I spend a lot of time with Him, because it seems quite often that I am misunderstood. I heard how King David in the Old Testament, encouraged himself in the Lord. I now understand that to a greater degree, because I have had many times when I needed to be encouraged, but no one was around to do the job.

Maybe you have had times like this when you just needed someone to talk to, someone who would hear your cares and concerns, but not let the whole world know about them. Someone that you could trust with the secretes of your heart and the treasures of your hopes. I recommend Jesus Christ to you. He is a friend of mine. He not only hears me, but He responds to me with peace and joy in the midst of my sorrows, pains, and doubts. He sustains me in situations that others tend to fall apart in. My relationship with Him is so sure from His perspective that I do not have to concern myself with Him changing under pressure. If anything I have to concern myself with my changing towards Him under the pressures of life.

Yes, I recommend Jesus to you, because without Him I do not know where I would be right now. Possibly strung out on drugs trying to self medicate. Possibly lost in an alcoholic’s bottle trying to drink my troubles away. Possibly locked up in prison, because I acted-out inappropriately when someone stepped on my toes or did not fit into the ideals of my wants and wishes. I am sure that it has been Jesus in my life that has made the difference.

Please if not for me, for yourself, find out who Jesus Christ really is. The best thing that can happen is He will become your friend too.